Harvest Pickup

  1. Keeping Premier Locations open will receive priority during harvest if there is a shortage of available trucks. This may result in Premier not being able to provide trucks for farm pickup. We will do all that we can to provide the best possible service.

  2. Trucks provided by Premier will be delivered to rail houses or locations that have the most available harvest space.

  3. Harvest rates will apply.

  4. The grower must have the proper equipment to load the truck in a reasonable time. Thirty minutes or less is the expectation. Failure to do so may result in an additional charge and/or the loss of the truck.

  5. We ask that you map the fields in Premier + or provide us with maps before September 1st. These fields will receive priority. Being prepared and efficient is vital.

  6. Premier employees or any individuals who work for outside haulers that are provided by Premier, cannot operate the customer's equipment.