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What if you could add $50/acre to your operation? MarketVision can show you how.

MarketVision is a digital farm management tool that helps growers optimize grain trading and profits. It can be used during the growing season to dynamically estimate harvest yield as the season progresses and assist the grower in timing grain marketing decisions. The tool incorporates best in class weather data from IBM and provides local weather conditions, market views, and grain marketing information. The combination of proprietary data analytics from Main Street Data and IBM delivers growers a reliable solution to optimize and enhance their grain marketing decisions.

Grain Marketing Features: 
  • See indicators that support sell/hold decision-making
  • Forecast yields with exceptional accuracy
  • Determine whether a potential grain sale is competitive
Grain Marketing Benefits:
  • Understand where a selected farm, field, or crop stands financially
  • Get unbiased decision support to help with market timing
  • Put current basis into historical perspective
  • Separate your farm into as many entities as desired, and monitor each one for profitability

For more information contact Main Street Data Representative, Tim Davis:
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