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Marketing That Fits Like a Glove

The way you market is a function of who you are and the way you’re wired. A one-size-fits-all approach really doesn’t work for a lot of farmers. That’s why Premier Cooperative is now offering a very personalized marketing program.

We’ve partnered with Clayton Pope of Clayton Pope Commodities to create this new program. We consult with you, learning about your farm operation, your profit goals, and how you like to market your grain. We’ll take a number of factors into account, including your breakevens and level of crop insurance. Then we will analyze the market and develop specific marketing recommendations tailored to fit you. It’s like hiring a vice-president of marketing for your operation.

As part of this personalized service, we provide e-mail market updates three times daily and text market prices at least once daily depending on the level of market activity. In a nutshell, we’ll work with you to develop a highly personalized marketing roadmap at a very reasonable price. Contact me if this sounds like an option you’d like to explore.


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