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Locations Receiving Wheat for 2020

June 24, 2020

Since wheat harvest is unpredictable with the weather or as to when it will cut, there is no set hours.  Employees at these five locations will be communicating with our customers and exchange phone numbers especially for weekends and holidays. On normal work days, we will be in contact with our customers on hours.  Name and contact numbers will be posted on the front door of the offices on who to call.

Tolono -  James Heffernan 217-202-2563

Sadorus - Tim Black 217-202-2316

Sidney – Zach Weaver 217-720-3784

Reilly & Gifford – Shane Drayer 217-280-0851, Rich Thomas 217-202-1527.  

If the previous contacts can’t be reached, please call Operations Manager (North) – Jason Risley 217-722-7676. Operations Manager (South) – Ryan Bowles 217-578-2816.



  • Reilly
  • Sidney
  • Gifford
  • Sadorus
  • Tolono

Please contact your elevator for your wheat harvest needs

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