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December 10, 2019

Valued patron:

With the 2019 challenging harvest ending we would like to remind all of you with farm stored grain to keep a close eye on the quality in your bins. This year is currently reminding us in the elevator business of the 2009 crop year and the challenge it was with maintaining quality within our bins. We think it is important to get bins cored as soon as possible that way air flow should be uniform throughout the bin. We generally pull 10% of the bin capacity out for the core. Most of this corn has and will have to be dried so that will also make the kernel more brittle which will result in foreign material or FM problems. Feel free to bring samples in for testing and if any questions arise about issues in a bin, we are more than happy to advise. While thinking about all this let us remember about safety when checking bins. The farming community has had some recent deaths in the country. Use your senses when checking bins, sight, smell and touch are very important. Turn your fan on before you climb up and inspect and smell the air quality, does it smell fresh, if the temperature cool coming out of the bin, is the grain cool to the touch? These are the same things we are doing also at the elevators. Again remember safety first when inspecting the quality in your bins.


Thank you,

Premier Cooperative Team

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