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New Fuel Truck Gears Up To Hit The Road

December 16, 2019

We are in the final stages of placing a new fuel truck into our fleet this week to better serve our customers’ needs for the future. The process was started over a year ago to pinpoint our internal and external needs for a new chassis. The new truck that we are placing in service is a Volvo chassis powered by a 485 horsepower Cummins motor and Eaton Fuller Automatic transmission. We have 3 different reels in the rear of the truck to unload, standard diesel or biodiesel (70-80GPM) standard gas (70-80 GPM), and an express diesel or biodiesel reel rated at (140-150 GPM). We have also outfitted the new truck with a dual injection system for our Cenex premium diesel fuel offerings, and a separate system for a winter flow additive during colder weather. The additive system is a safety measure also in the fact that our drivers will have almost no reason to be on top of the truck other than maybe cleaning it. We have also added a reverse camera system, flashing strobes, and work lights for our drivers, customers, and public’s safety. Look out for Rick Riblet and the new Volvo out fueling up customers soon!



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